NEDIS KAHB100CWT Hand Blender 150 W Speed settings: 1-Speed White

NEDIS KAHB100CWT Hand Blender 150 W Speed settings: 1-Speed White

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Ραβδομπλέντερ, 150W.

- Ελαφρύ, μικρό και πρακτικό ραβδομπλέντερ χειρός με εύκολο χειρισμό για πολτοποίηση, ανάμειξη και τεμαχισμό
- Διακόπτης λειτουργίας 1 ταχύτητας
- Αιχμηρές ανοξείδωτες λεπίδες κοπής
- Συμπαγής σχεδιασμός και εύκολη αποθήκευση
- Γάντζος ανάρτησης
- Διακόπτης συνεχούς λειτουργίας
- Μήκος καλωδίου: 1.00 m
- Διαστάσεις συσκευής: 55 x 60 x 330mm
- Τροφοδοσία: 220-240V / 50Hz
- Ισχύς: 150W
- Υλικό: Πλαστικό
- Χρώμα: Λευκό|Hand Blender 150 W Speed settings: 1-Speed White

This Nedis hand blender is the ideal blender for anyone who wants to o prepare soups, sauces, milkshakes once in a while or who want to prepare baby’s first fruit snack.
Easy to use, with just one push of the button the powerful 150 W AC motor starts to twist and turn. With the razor sharp knives it cuts easily and in no-time through any fruit or vegetable. Its compact design makes it easy to store inside a drawer.

Flexible in use with its 1 m cord length, but still very user-friendly with just one button to control the whole blender. Its thoughtful 'stick' design allows you to blend right in the bowl, pot or pitcher.
Easy to clean by rinsing under the tap.
- Simple but effective stick blender for milkshakes, soups and sauces
- Razor sharp knives
- Smooth results thanks to the 150-Watt power
- Easy to operate and hold
- Compact design and easy to store inside a drawer
- Colour: White
- Power source type: Mains Powered
- Power plug: Type C (CEE 7/16)
- Width: 55 mm
- Power cable length: 1.00 m
- Anti slip bottom: No
- Dishwasher safe: No
- Indicator light: No
- Input voltage: 220 - 240 V AC 50 Hz
- Maximum power consumption: 150 W
- Depth: 60 mm
- Ice crusher: No
- Weight: 441 g
- Material housing: Plastic
- Height: 330 mm
- Continuous or puls action: Continuous
- Removable stand: No
- Power: 150 W
- Speed settings: 1-Speed
- Chopper: No
- Including measuring cup: No
- Including mixing accessory: No

Package contents:
- Hand blender
- Quick start guide
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